Welcome to our website.

We are a small family-run business. We have a strong productive connection with our country but we have international aspiration.

Our collections come from the passion we have for our work. We believe in the true 'Made In Italy' standards, creating and producing clothes using only the finest materials. We choose fabrics from the source, with a particular interest for those materials which are printed and finished in Italy, according to the best sustainability standards.

In our stores (and also online) we appreciate and welcome women of all generations. We take our greatest satisfaction when mothers can recognize our collections made using traditional manufacturing and explaining to their daughters what makes it different from the 'fast fashion' clothes, just by observing the seams and the hem. To explain how we create a dress, let’s have a tour with Mr. Luigi, our inseparable, soft, old friend. A black cat with a strong preference for silk and cashmere, who spends his days between the sewing machine and fabrics.


Our story

1977 - 1981

Sometimes it seems that our story has begun almost like a movie. Not the first take, but rather our first workshop found its setting on top of an old movie theatre in the district of Vicenza. This story, when told even in the smallest detail is compelling and full of unforgettable memories. It tells of the energy and creativity that have guided us since the very beginning. With few pieces of equipment and being very determined, we started working for big fashion brands, producing high quality raincoats and outerwear.

1982 - 1985

In the middle of the town stood an old farmhouse, with arches and vegetable gardens. The first time we saw it we would never have thought that strange building would become what today is the current headquarters of our company in San Bonifacio, in the district of Verona. Yet we believed in it from the first moment. We took on the renovation, creating offices, a workshop and also our homes. During this time we became a family with the arrivals of Alice and Nicola.

1985 - 1988

These have been key years for our company, times in which we began to understand the direction of the market and to glimpse the first signs of relocation. It was just then that we have examined the possibility of gradually shifting from production for other brands to producing and selling directly a brand of our own.

1989 - 2003

We decided to expand our collection designing and producing knitwear, footwear and bags. In the late 90s Alice joined the company. At the beginning she supported her mother in the workshop management but she later started dealing more and more with the creative and design aspect of our brand. Alice grew up within the company but has kept the enthusiasm and the spirit of a child. Her playful approach has resulted in the development of collections that combine classic cuts with the liveliest elements and detail.

2003 - 2015

We consider this period as our 'little digital revolution'. The company website launched in 2004 and since then the website has evolved into the first version of our online shop. At this time Nicola joined the company, devoting a lot of energy and time to this new adventure. He has been able to grow the platform with support of collaborators, resulting in the website becoming fundamental to our business.


Today Lazzari keeps on following its passion for textiles, respecting traditions and producing exclusively in Italy. Our style is a mix of retro cuts, vintage patterns and finds its place in the wardrobe of a modern girl, who likes to delicately express her femininity. Our collections are available online and in our four stores in San Bonifacio, Verona, Padova and Bassano del Grappa.