Privacy and legal area

The supplier:
The company Piazza Affari s.n.c., ( hereafter the supplier) has its head office in San Bonifacio, Via Camporosolo, 11A and was registered with the CCIAA in Verona under the ordinary section REA 222596 on 10/07/1997 with the following registration number tax code and VAT code: 02192410237 The customer (hereafter the Customer): is defined as the person identified by the data keyed in at the time of registration and acceptance of conditions.

The service:
By using e-commerce the Supplier allows the Customer to browse a virtual shop online and buy items of clothing. The customer can browse the electronic catalogue, see what the Supplier has to offer and make a purchase from the supplier in accordance with the current conditions of sale. Technology and security. In order to ensure security for all transactions our system uses BRAINTREE technology - Triple Des 128 bit algorythm SSL3 encoded, for payments made by the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Carta Sì and Bankamericard.

Your right to Privacy:
The supplier wishes to inform any users that it is possible to visit the website without being a registered user and access information such as product details, price lists and other services that do not require personal data.

In order to make an online purchase it is necessary to key in required data.  This is not compulsory but is designed to set up and maintain a contractual relationship with the Supplier which cannot be done without the data.  The customer has all rights regarding his/her personal data as governed by the law D.lgs 196/2003.
Your data can be used by 
- outside agents operating on our behalf in specific sectors ( delivery of the goods, producers of certain articles, accounting services, tax purposes, data management and market research) 
- by banks, for the management of payments due according to the contract.

Nature of the supplier-customer relationship and cases where consumer protection norms do not apply.

In accordance with current Italian and EU law the relationship between Supplier and Customer is governed by consumer protection norms when the customer makes a purchase for personal use not connected to his/her business or work.  However for any relationship between Supplier and Customer where purchases are made directly connected to the customer’s business the consumer protection norms do not apply, in particular D.Lgs N.185 1999 ( distance contracts) and D.Lgs 50 1992 ( right to revoke)  articles 1469 bis e segg. c.c.

Prices and guarantees:
Unless otherwise stated all prices indicated are expressed in Euros and include VAT. The price considered valid is, always and only, the one shown by the purchase procedure at the time of placing the order.
For each order a delivery voucher is issued and sent together with the goods requested, and on request an invoice can be sent with the goods. The Supplier is not responsible for taxes due in other countries.

The Customer may choose how to pay
1) Cash on delivery

2) Online by Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Bank Americard using BRAINTREE tecnology
3) Online by PayPal payment system

Purchase orders:
Each order is identified by a unique code ( order number) which contains the date of placing the order to our system, details of the goods ordered, shipping costs and the individual prices in Euros VAT included as well as the total cost in Euros with VAT included. Prices, shipping method and delivery times. The Supplier makes all deliveries by express courier, there is an extra charge of €5 for cash on delivery payments.
On receiving the goods at the address indicated the Customer must check that the packaging has not been tampered with and that the goods ordered are as indicated on the documents that accompany the package, both as regards number of items and quality.  Should there be any error or damage the Customer must indicate exactly what is wrong on the transport document otherwise his/her rights can not be guaranteed.

Delivery times given to the clients are usually 1 - 2 working days and reflect the information we receive from the courier, any delays or differences are caused by the courier.  When the items are dispatched the cusotmer will be sent an email giving details to allow him/her to track the order online.

Complaints and delays in dispatch. The Customer can let us know about any problems ( mistakes in delivery or problems or delays in delivery) either in writing by sending email to this address: Otherwise a message can be left on our voicemail and we will get back to you on the next working day. Any such messages or emails will be dealt with urgently so that we can solve any problems and ensure customer satisfaction. The right to cancel. Customers who are not satisfied can exercise their right to cancel ( in accordance with Italian law D Lgs 22/05/09 n.185 customer protection for long distance contracts) within fourteen days from when the goods are received, by sending us an email to ( see the Returned Goods section). In order to get a refund, after being given the necessary details, the Customer must send back the items within fourteen days. The Customer has the right to cancel an order with no penalty, the only costs the customer is required to pay is the cost of sending back the items and not the cost of the initial delivery.

In order to maintain a good business relationship the Customer should take great care of the items he/she intends to send back and claim a refund for, and keep them in their original packaging.  The cost and risk of sending the goods back must be paid for entirely by the Customer.  Any returned items which are damaged or have anything missing, such as accessories, will not be accepted by the Supplier and will be returned to sender and transport costs charged to the Customer.  When the Supplier receives returned goods which do conform to our conditions, and checks have been made, the refund will be made.

The Supplier undertakes to make a refund for a cancelled order by bank payment within 3 working days of notification of cancellation. Guarantees made by the Customer. The customer guarantees, assumes all responsibility (and agrees not to hold the Supplier responsible for any prejudicial outcome) that the personal data supplied is correct and allows the Customer to be correctly identified. He/She also undertakes to inform the Supplier immediately in writing (letter or email) of any change or variation in the data supplied.
We must remind our customers that a valid email address must be supplied so that the Supplier can send confirmation of the order and any other communication. Limitations of responsibility. The Supplier declines any responsibility for malfunction or suspended service, or any detorioration in service caused by force majeure or accident when it is not due to the Supplier’s own fault or negligence. Valid communication. The client accepts any notification referring to the online services ( including those connected with an order) whether they are made by the Supplier by email or through the Web service and agrees to recognise these as valid and hereby agrees that he/she cannot claim that he did not know about any such communication sent in electronic form. Complaints.
The customer can send any complaints to the Supplier by:

1)using the information page, whether he/she is a registered user or not .
2) using the Notes section on every order document.
3) email Applicable Law.
For all e-commerce activities on the laws of the State of Italy apply.
In accordance with articles 1341-1342 C.C. The Customer declares that he/she has read and accepts the clauses and articles of the general conditions of sale on this site : 7 ( final terms for notifying of defective or non conforming goods); 12 (guarantees given by the client); 13 (limited responsibility); 14 (validity of electronic communication) e-commerce information and data protection.